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Mid-Michigan Raceway Park

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Safety General Rules-
All Classes

All bodies will be put together with POP RIVETS ONLY! No metal screws, sheet metal or self-taping allowed.
Numbers of a contrasting color to the car will appear on both doors and roof of the car. Numbers will be a mandatory 18" high with a 3" stroke. Driver's name will appear over both doors in letters at least 4" high. All cars must be kept neat and in good appearance.
Foot operated, four wheel hydraulic brakes in working order.
Bumpers in stock location. Bumpers may be reinforced from behind only. Rear bumpers must be turned forward or have bracing forward to eliminate sharp ends. Bumpers must be anchored back to frame.
All drivers must be 16 years of age with a current drivers license. The only exception is the 4 cylinder bombers and they must be 12 years of age.
Driveshaft must be painted white and have metal strap or chain, located on the forward 1/3 to prevent dropping onto the track.
An operational fire extinguisher with gauge is mandatory with tow truck on/or with trailer. On board fire suppression system for race cars are highly recommended.
Drivers must wear an approved fire suit covering the arms to the wrist, and legs to the ankle. No holes in suit. Suit must be kept free of grease & oil.
Nomex gloves are mandatory.
Unaltered neck restraint required.
Drivers will wear an approved Snell 95 or newer full style helmet with helmet skirt or head sock.
Fuel tank must be securely fastened in trunk and painted "Day-glow" orange. Drain holes in trunk are mandatory. Fuel cells mandatory.
No Mirrors.
All glass except windshield must be removed. Screen or lexan may be used to replace windshield. Subject to local track inspection. Screen or lexan must be supported from behind in such a way as to protect driver from debris or airborne parts.
Hood must be securely fastened. There mujst be two (2) hood pins across the front, subject to track inspection. A metal air cleaner is mandatory, as well as a fire arrester.
Any radiator must include catch can with a two (2) quart minimum capacity. Radiator protection must be located between the front tires and behind the grill, not more than ten (10) inches above the bumper height. Pipes are not to exceed 2" O.D. by three (3) feet in length.
Absolutely no radios allowed!
There must be a four (4) point roll cage, with three (3) bars across the driver's door, tied together with a vertical center bar. Driver's door must have a 18"X24"X1/8" steel plate or 1/3" aluminum plate mounted outside bars between rool cage and door skin to protect the driver's body. There must be a minimum of (1) door bars on the passenger side. Entire cage to be constructed of minimum 1 1/2" O.D. steel tubing with .095 side wall. Car must be equipped with front and rear frame hoops of 1 1/2" O.D. Minimum size ahead and behind driver's compartment.
Window nets mandatory. Must be mounted from bottom with a seat belt type latch in the top corner.