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Late Model Rules
NEW.........We will Follow UMP & MSPA rules.
Drivers may run Hoosier LM40 or 55 or American Racer d56 tires.
Mid-Michigan Raceway Park

Follows MSPA Rules except must have fire extinguisher, also window net. American Racing Tires that follow all Michigan tracks 2001 U.M.P. type.

1. The rules and/or regulations set forth herein do not express or imply warranty of safety from publication of, or compliance with, these reules and/or regulations. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury.

2. Our rules shall apply at all of events.

3. Track officials shall have full authority over our events. At the discretion of officials any competitor may be disqualified for rules violations, hazardous actions, or assaults or threats against any official.

4. All race cars are subject to inspection by tech inspectors at any time.

5. All cars must have fuel cells, 32 gallons maximum, in completely enclosed 18 guage steel container. No aluminum allowed. All fuel cells must be completely visible. All cells to have a minimum of two 2" x 1/8" steel straps surrounding them. Any driver having fuel cell able to hold more than 32 gallons of fuel loses all winnings and points for that night, and is fined $1,000.00. Any driver may be asked to drain fuel cell and have it filled and measured any night.

6. Minimum 1 1/2" diameter tubing bracing loop behind cell. This loop must be in place at all time.

7. Fuel cells cannot be lower than bottom of quick change.

8. Fire resistant uniforms required of all drivers.

9. Fire resistant underwear, socks and gloves, recommended but not required.

10. Halon fire extinguisher system recommended, but not required.

11. A 1 1/2" 18 gauge, steel drive shaft loop is mandatory.

12. All round tube chassis must be a minimum of 1 3/4" outside diameter tubing with a minimum wall thickness of .083. Must use 4130 chrome moly steel.

13. Body must conform to attached Late Model drawing.

14. All cars must have tow hook for towing purposes only. Cable or chain preferred. Tow hook can not extend in front of car or have battering ram capabilities.

15. No rub rails. No mirrors. No radios allowed in race car, with any pit member or anyone connected with race car.

16. All roofs must be 41" from front to back. Front to back maximum 54". 48" Side to side. 52" maximum side to side. Rounded and tapered stock appearing roofs only. No partial roofs. No flat roofs. No tilted roofs. No dished out roofs. No wings attached to roof, or to side posts. No built in air dams. Must be stock appearing.

17. All roof posts must meet outside of car.

18. Side vents on front roof posts can extend back no further than 16" bottom, then straight up to roof for L configuration. Side vents must meet outside of car.

19. All structural tubing must remain inside body.

20. All added weights must be white or silver with divers number painted on them.

21. All added weights must be securely mounted to car with minimum of two 1/2" bolts through each 50 pounds of added weight. No weights on rear bumper or outside body of car. All added weight mounted below interior sheet metal.

22. Interior of car must be 12" below roll cage minimum. All areas of roof, from front to behind drivers seat, no area of the interior of cockpit can be less than 12" below the roof and roll cage for safe, easy, exiting of car from either side. All four windows must have 12" of clearance straight up and down. Side windows 15" minimum, at angle to door. No support bars blocking right exit from cockpit allowed.

23. Rear roof post supports must meet outside of car on a flat, straight line, and be stock appearing. Minimum width on bottom 18". Minimum width on top 8". Maximum width on bottom for solid post 24". Maximum width on top for solid post 12". Maximum width on bottom for post with window 40". Maximum width on top for post with window 17" straight, then slope down to end with bottom at least 20" from rear of trunk. Rear roof supports must be 20" or greater from rear of trunk. Dodge Intrepid, Ford Taurus, Ford Mustang, GM Grand Prix, or GM Monte Carlo Fiber glass roofs, roof supports, and noses manufactured by 5 Star Bodies are completely legal.

24. Any sun shield must be on hings for easy exiting. No taping allowed that brings window opening to less than 12".

25. No wings of any kind allowed in cockpit, or under trunk. No tunnels or wings of any king inside car, or underneath car for special ground hugging effects. Right inner mud shield must end at tail section of transmission, maximum length 18".

26. Rear quarter panels cannot be higher than any portion of rear trunk. NO TOLERANCE. Truck cannot be longer than quarter panels. Truck must be level for 32" from rear spoiler.

27. No Side fins of any kind the entire length of car. Interior of car may be dropped.

28. Tire clearance from body at least 2". No wheel skirts.

29. Maximum spoiler, total material measured from truck to fin of materials, 72" wide max.

30. Side spoiler supports must not exceed MMRP inspectors template. No longer than 18" on bottom. The entire support must be on truck, rear of support can angle upward for a maximum of 8".

31. Minimum height top of roof 45".

32. Maximum height top of truck 35". Maximum height to top of spoiler 43".

33. Maximum height to top of hood or front fenders 33". No portion of hood to exceed 33". Must be level and flat from side to side. Fenders cannot gain height from rear to front.

34. Maximum width from extreme outside of front tire to extreme outside of front tire 88 inches maximum. NO TOLERANCE. Maximum width of rear tire 86 inches. No more than 8 inches of any tire to be outside of body.

35. Maximum body width to be measured by template. Cockpit top and bottom 76". Middle cockpit bar can be 78" maximum for appearance only. Rear of car 72" top and bottom. Middle of rear can extend To 74 inches. Width of nose must allow official when standing in front of car to see outside groove on each front tire. (left and right). And end in front tire. Nose extension or flap must go on a straight line back to body. No extension, flap, or elephant ear shall extend over tire, from hub back. This is called a stock nose! Why have a stock nose if we are going to have several foot of plastic or rubber detracting from it? Extension, or flap can be riveted to render from front edge of tire to hub of tire, but must end at hub, or middle of tire. No flap or extension past hub. Stock nose 2,300 pounds. Non-stock nose (extension or flap 1 or more inches past hub) 2,400 pounds. Hub to front of stock nose 45 inches maximum hub to front of non-stock nose 40 inches.

36. Minimum weight with completely stock nose and stock extensions 2,300 pounds after race with driver. Minimum weight with non-stock nose and long extensions 2,400 after race with driver.

37. ALL weight determinations will be measured on the scales selected and designated by MMRP for each racing event. NO TOLERANCE! One pound light is illegal.

38. Rear offsets are illegal. Must be equally tapered towards the center of car. All cars must be able to drive onto scales without lifting adjustments.

39. No rear push bars to extend over 6" beyond rear quarter panel.

40. No adjustable shocks, hydraulic or pneumatic weight jacks, trackers, MSD boxes, or similar adjustable components of any king inside cockpit of car. No taping over, must be removed from car.

41. No electronic or computerized wheel spin traction control devices permitted. No controlled timing device attached to or controlling accelerator, or rotation of wheel allowed.

42. Solid steering wheel for protection of wrists is recommended, but not required.

43. The firewall at the front of the cockpit shall be a wall of protection against fire from the engine compartment. It shall be tightly solid from top to bottom, not allowing air flow from the engine compartment into the cockpit.

44. Engines: Maximum 6" setback from center of ball joint to front spark plug hole. NO tolerance.

45. One 4 barrel carburetor. No fuel injection. No electric fuel pumps.

46. NO Nitrous Oxide, Nitrous Methane, or Pronolene Oxide.

47. All engines limited to one spark plug and two valves per cylinder. No dual magnetos.

48. All headers must be pointed away from ground, horizontal, and preferably to outside of car.

49. American Racer Tires #56. No W tires.

50. No grooving or siphing of any tire beyond 11" max, outside groove.

51. Any tire can be confiscated by a track official any night, at any MSPA track; to be evaluated and returned within a reasonable period of time.

52. There will be NO defacing or altering of manufacturers ID markings on any tire. You may not remove any letters, words, or numbers that would identify the tire. Compound may be covered by duct tape, able to be lifted by officials at any time. Any alteration of tires may result in immediate suspension from all MSPA tracks. NO tire softener of any kind. Tire softeners found in dirt of any racetrack may force the EPA to close down that racetrack.

53. Mud plugs should be foam, or bolted behind bead lock and secured to wheel. Any driver losing metal or plastic mud plug on race track is subject to $200 fine.

54. All wheels must fit template. 14" Maximum width.

55. All fuel cells must have check valve in breather for prevention of fire in a rollover.

56. Minimum 2 inches clearance around all wheels.

57. All driveshafts must either be painted silver or white.

58. Rear Quarter panels must be tapered towards center of car equally.

59. Rear roof post supports with windows, maximum at bottom is 40 inches. Maximum for top is 17 inches straight then slope evenly down to end at bottom at a point. 20 inches minimum from end of trunk.

60. No direct drives allowed. Must be bolted to engine. Must have Forward & Reverse. Must be able to shift to Forward or Reverse with engine running.

61. No derogatory or distasteful statements on any race car, or hauler, at any race track. Officials have final decision on all lettering on all race cars and haulers. Failure to remove offensive lettering will me disqualification from all participation and a fine of up to $500.

62. Any participant who fights in pits, on track, or on race premises will be suspended from all MSPA events for one week, and fined $100.00 and is on one year probation. Second fight driver is suspended for two weeks, and fined $200.00. Any driver in a third fight will be suspended from all MSPA races for one year and fined $1,00.00. All drivers are responsible for all crew members.

63. No driver or pit crew member shall subject any promoter or officials to threats or abusive or improper language at any time. Any driver or pit crew member who assaults or threatens any official may be fined up to $1,000.00, and suspended indefinitely from all MSPA events until fine is paid and reinstatement is approved by MSPA Board.