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Mid-Michigan Raceway Park

Street Stock Rules

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Street Stock Rules

NEW........We are running UMP & MSPA Rules

Driver may run UMP Hoosiers Or American Racer 245 Tires.

Motor Set back is OK, Screw Jacks are OK, Seat Set Back is OK.


Mid-Michigan Raceway Park  

The intent of the Street stock car class is to have an entry level of racing for the beginner or the novice racer. The rules set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for events. These rules shall govern the conduct, and the condition of all Speedway events. By participation in these events all drivers, car owners, crew and family members are deemed to have complied with these rules. Any driver, car owner, crew or family member who takes part in any demonstration, or fight on the track, in the pit area, or on surrounding premises, before, during or after the races shall be subject to suspension. Until the suspension is lifted, no car or driver will be permitted to compete if associated with suspended person or persons. (NOTE: abuse, assault, or threat to do bodily injury to any track official by any driver, car owner, crew or family member shall be grounds for suspension.) Any suspension from any MSPA track will also be honored at all MSPA tracks. 


An operational 2   pound minimum fire extinguisher with gauge visible for inspection purpose is mandatory in each race car and tow vehicles. Extinguisher must be mounted in a quick release bracket. Duct tape is NOT an acceptable mounting device!

Driver must wear approved: SA 95 or newer Racing Helmet, SFI fire suit, unaltered neck restraint and Nomex gloves, fire resistant racing style shoes are highly recommended.

Vehicle must be equipped with a complete roll cage with HALO BAR, a five (5) point seat belt fastened to the roll cage, no more than 3 years old, window net (maximum 16" x 20" ribbon or mesh style, bolted at the bottom with a good safe fastener on the top front of the window), and a removable steering wheel. All subject to inspection. Cars deemed unsafe will not be allowed to race.

  • Drivers head with helmet on must NOT rise above the roll bars.
  • Drivers must have and wear a head sock or helmet skirt.
  • All cars must have an aluminum racing seat and be fastened to the roll cage.
  • Cable or tie strap must hook gas cap to fuel cell.


Absolutely and completely stock appearing is mandatory. Metal only. No aluminum except for front window posts. All cars must be 1965 or newer American made passenger cars with factory steel top. No station wagons, utility vehicles, sports cars or convertibles. Door and roof numbers are mandatory. Must have a 4" x 20" number on roof with solid lettering. Must be able to be read from the passenger side of car. No mirrors. Keep outside appearance of the car sharp by repairing whenever necessary. No reflective or prism numbers. Numbers must be contrasting to body color. If you are using a metric body on an older model frame this must be declared to your inspector for approval before you race.


Must arrive at the track fully charged. May be located anywhere outside of the driver’s compartment. Cars must start under its own power in staging area, OR REPORT TO THE REAR OF THE EVENT.


All 4-wheel disc brakes are allowed. All in working condition (all four must lock in brake test). Neal style brake pedals on original firewall is allowed. No brake adjustment or shut-off valves from the driver’s compartment.


  • All bodies must be unaltered OEM in OEM location and match frame. Unaltered OEM steel hood and trunk only. No altering or channeling of body allowed. No spoilers, wings, or air scoops allowed. Only stock appearing. Stock floorboards must remain intact and visible. Full stock firewall, in stock position between driver and engine compartment and fuel cell/rear compartment. No boxing in of driver compartment. Fenders maybe trimmed REASONABLY for tire clearance. Area between taillights MUST be filled in with metal or approved tail piece. No reflective body panels. NO BODY PANELS BELOW THE FRAME RAIL.
  • Bumpers must be stock and in stock location. Bumpers may be reinforced from behind only. Rear bumpers must be capped to fenders with steel. No exterior bars allowed. Rounded off rub style bars OK. Maximum one inch wide by 2 inches tall. WRECKER HOOKS ARE MANDATORY FRONT AND REAR.


Holley 4412-500 CFM allowed. Stock carburetors must match make and manufacturer of car. Example: Ford-to-Ford, Chevy-to-Chevy, Mopar-to-Mopar. 1" carburetor spacer allowed. Absolutely no alterations or modifications to Carburetors, EXCEPT removal of choke plate. Altered carburetors will be CONFISCATED! If carburetor fails gauges automatic DQ no exceptions.

CLAIM RULE: Carburetor can be claimed for $225 ($200 to driver and $25 to point fund) Engine claim provisions will prevail. Carburetor is not included with engine claim.


Racing clutch will be allowed. Ram & triple disk OK. No shaved down Vega styles allowed. No pump drive or direct drives allowed.  


MUST be steel drive shaft and MUST be painted white and have a metal strap or chain hooked around it. This MUST be located in the forward 1/3 of shaft to prevent the shaft from dropping onto the track. An aluminum driveshaft will result in last place points and money.


The engine must appear to be strictly stock for that model and make of car. Engine MUST be mounted on original stock mounts or solid steel mounts and in stock location. No limit on engine cubes. No engine setback, no frame notching for fuel pump clearance.


- (May not apply to all tracks)

$550 cash claim on engines. $50.00 goes to the point fund  and $500.00 goes to the driver being claimed.


  • Carburetor
  • clutch and pressure plate
  • bell-housing
  • exhaust manifolds
  • starter
  • motor mounts
  • sending units and switches
  • fan and pulleys
  • clutch ball or arm
  • throw out bearing
  • water pump
  • fuel pump
  • distributor
  • plug wires
  • water restrictor and water outlet

First four (4) position finishers in the feature event must report directly to the claim area and are subject to engine claim by any driver finishing fifth (5th) on back. Any driver lapped by the fourth (4th) place car is not eligible to claim. Drivers are allowed to claim only one engine per event, regardless of the outcome of that claim. In case of multiple claims on the same engine, engine will go to the claiming driver’s car number pulled from a drawing.

Drivers making the claim must drive his/her car immediately after the finish of the feature, under its own power directly to the claiming area. Only drivers and officials are allowed in the claiming area. Claims must be made within five (5) minutes of the end of the feature and claimed engines must be completely removed within one (1) hour from the time the claim is made and driver agrees to sell the claimed engine. Only drivers may claim an engine and only drivers may agree to sell or refuse to sell an engine. First sell or no sell by driver being claimed is binding. Promoter may claim any engine following the feature; so long as claim is made within the five (5) minutes allotted time.

REFUSAL to sell will forfeit all cash and contingency winnings for feature, any trophy earned in feature, and ALL SEASON POINTS, driver will also be suspended for two weeks and may not race in the Street Stocks class again. Any driver found to be claiming an engine for anyone else other than himself/herself will lose all points for the season and will be suspended for 30 calendar days from all MSPA racetracks. All claimed engines must be removed from car at the track; buyer must examine engine before removal, once removal has started, sale is final. No driver may claim any other one drivers, more than once during current calendar year. No driver may claim more than two (2) engines during current the calendar year.

NOTE: Claim is in effect opening night. However, driver may not claim an engine unless he/she is registered for track points and had raced six (6) times the previous season, in street stock class. After opening night, claiming driver must have raced the two weeks prior to claiming.

NOTE: Your race car must be legal to make engine claim. ** A claimed engine must be in buyer’s car and competing the following week or may not compete in Street Stock class again and may result in loss of points for the season.

DISQUALIFICATIONS will not affect a legal claim. Engine will be removed and transferred prior to any penalties being assessed.


Headers may be used. A 2" MAXIMUM O.D. (outside diameter) pipe on last 2 feet of the exhaust system is mandatory. No flexible pipe or square tubing allowed. Exhaust must exit behind the driver and be UNDER 100 DECIBELS. Exhaust other than listed will result in last place points and money. Exhaust falling off or becoming disconnected during race will result in DQ in heats and B`s and last place points and money for feature.


Aluminum is OK. No high rise. 4" maximum plus 1" adapter plate. If you don’t know where we measure from ask the inspector.   Intakes over the allowed height will result in last place points and money. 


Full frame cars have a minimum wheelbase of 108". NO TOLERANCES. Unibody cars minimum wheelbase of 110". NO TOLERANCES. NO FIREBIRDS OR CAMAROS ALLOWED. All cars will have no fabricated or made for racing frames. Frames may be reinforced from the back of the axle housing to the rear of the car ONLY and only if it has no effect on stock suspension. Wheelbase should be same on both sides. Frame and crossmember must keep stock appearance


Any type regular pump gas is OK. Racing fuel is OK. No alcohol or additives.


Fuel cells are MANDATORY and must be securely fastened and in a canister. Must have a bladder and a check ball on fill pipe. A leaking tank is grounds for disqualification. Must have approved loop behind fuel cell. MUST BE PAINTED DAY-GLOW COLOR. Gas caps MUST be fastened to cell with cable, chain or tie strap. Must be at least 2" above center of rear axle.


Eight (8) inch wheels, maximum. Racing wheels are recommended. Cars must be equipped with racing wheels and large safety lugs on right side. No bead-locks allowed.


Only stock ignitions. Must match make and model. NO aftermarket or dual point ignition systems. No MSD. No traction control devices allowed. Detection of traction control will result in being barred for life from all MSPA tracks.


None allowed except Raceciever radios. Racecievers are mandatory.


Any radiator allowed. Must include catch can with two (2) quart minimum capacity overflow.


May use Ford rear end in GM cars as long as all mounting of rear end is fabricated in stock location. 9" floater rear-ends allowed in 2007. Locked rear-ends mandatory. Lower trailing arms must be in stock location. All bars must be solid and non-adjustable.


Roll bar type seamless tubing at least .095 thick tubing only. There must be a four (4) bar cage, with three (3) bars across the driver’s door that must be tied together with minimum 2 uprights per loop. Driver’s door must have an 18"x24"x1/8" steel plate mounted outside bars, between roll cage and door skin in such a way as to protect the driver’s body. Right side cage must have at least two (2) door bars that are tied together also. All main roll cage and left side bars will be a minimum of 1 " OD. ABSOLUTELY NO SQUARE TUBING OR GALVANIZED PIPE ALLOWED. Cars must be equipped with front and rear frame hoops of 1 " OD minimum size ahead and behind driver’s compartment. MUST HAVE HALO BAR.


Back of seat will be no closer to the center of the rear axle than 33". Measured from the closest point of the seat or backrest to the rear axle. Less than 33” will result in last place points and money 


Must be racing type quality. A 3" seat belt and a 2" or 3" shoulder harness with submarine strap are required and subject to inspection. MANDATORY all components MUST be fastened during races and all belts must be in good condition may not be any older than 3 years of age. Must be able to read dates.


Must be stock style in stock location. Rear OEM shock location is 4.5 inches from bottom of housing to center of bolt hole, and centered on control arm bracket. NO MADE FOR RACING SHOCKS will be allowed. Shock must have steel skirts. Shock claim $50 per stock. Only driver may claim shocks. Shocks not mounted in stock location will result in DQ.


Must be in good working condition. All cars must start on their own in the staging area or report to the rear of the event.


Absolutely, completely and strictly stock for that make and model that you are racing. NO AFTERMARKET PARTS ALLOWED. NO ADJUSTABLE SUSPENSION OF ANY KIND ANYWHERE ON RACE CAR. May use solid cups and spacers, cups must be welded in. Racing springs OK. No front or rear steel bushings of any kind. No offset bushings. Stock bushings only. May use solid steel or aluminum cross shaft, non-adjustable aftermarket upper control arms. Altered or non-stock (stock to make and model) components WILL result in disqualification.


American Racers P245 ONLY. No scribing (scoring) of tires. May clean original grooves only. Scoring, grooving, or altering of tires will result in last place points and money


Any stock transmission allowed, automatic or manual, all forward and reverse gears must be operational. Must have stock converter in automatics. No Burt or Brinn transmissions allowed. No direct drives systems. Must have a scatter shield or ” plate 4” wide at least 180 degrees around bell housing. No transmission coolers mounted in drivers compartment.


3,000 POUND MINIMUM. Added weight MUST be mounted in plain sight, painted white and must have car number painted on it. No cement or liquid style weights. Weights must be securely mounted with a minimum of two (2) " bolts with nuts and lock washers. Loss of weight will be grounds for disqualification. Use of mercury will be cause for lifetime suspension from all MSPA tracks. Under 3000 will result in DQ 


Both must be accessible. If no wrecker hooks are on the car, the car will be pushed, towed, or dragged to the infield until after the racing program is completed. A $10.00 fine may be assessed for no wrecker hooks.


NOTE: Illegal or altered parts may be confiscated

No reflective car numbers. If we can’t see them from 100’ away at 80 MPH, you may not be scored.